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Funding your Brave Wallet

With the recent announcement that Brave Wallets can now be used to support your favorite YouTube Creators (as well as bloggers, and more), there have been a few questions about how a user funds their wallet. It is our aim to make that process clear in this short...

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BAT Mercury Launch

Today we’re pleased to announce that the first phase of BAT Mercury is complete, four and half months after our token sale. BAT integration into Brave 0.19 makes the Brave browser the first application on the BAT platform. The Brave Payments system (which anonymously...

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Mercury Preview Now Available

A preview of BAT Mercury is now available on GitHub on the beta channel. BAT Mercury integrates a BAT wallet into the Brave browser and converts contributions from Bitcoin to BAT in Brave Payments. All of our software is open source. We welcome feedback from...

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BAT Mercury: Pre-Launch Technical Update

Those following Github are aware of the significant progress we’ve made on BAT Mercury (the first phase of work outlined in our roadmap) since our last blog post. The first BAT-enabled version of the Brave browser will be the 0.19 release. As such, we want to provide...

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Update: Growing the Global BAT Community

BAT News Update: Community grows to over 40 regional groups CEO presents at Facebook headquarters BAT community experiencing strong global growth On August 10th, we invited volunteers to help us expand the global BAT community. Within 72 hours, our regional BAT...

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BAT Now Supported on the Uphold Platform

Today we are announcing that the support of BAT within the Uphold platform is live. Uphold members can hold, send, receive, and convert BAT into many fiat and crypto-currencies that Uphold supports. BAT is supported in Uphold’s Tier 3 reserve. If you are new to...

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The Basic Attention Token is the new token for the digital advertising industry. It pays publishers for their content and users for their attention, while providing advertisers with more in return for their ads.

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